Drinking water standards


Drinking water standards – is it safe to go with tap water?

With drinking water standards having fallen down greatly in the recent times, there has been confusion all over the globe as to what kind of water is fit for drinking. Solution to this problem seems to be very difficult to be arrived at, as a new problem in this regard tends to show up when one aspect with regard to drinking water has been resolved. Sources like bottled water, water from purifiers too have their own drawbacks, thereby raising a question about the drinking water standards that are being maintained by the companies and other authorities.

In a normal household, the need to give more importance to drinking water standards has increased greatly in the recent times, following the showing up of many diseases among people due to consumption of chlorine and other materials that are used as disinfectants in water. Though it is true that these materials help in disinfection of water, they cause other side effects too leading to the formation of carcinogenic compounds. Thus, the need arises for people to look for alternative methods using which they may arrive at the right kind of water that would satisfy the norms put forward by various heath organizations with regard to drinking water standards.

Drinking water standards- what is the reason for confusion?

It is a disheartening fact that the drinking water standards that are set by the Government or the health agencies are not very clear in their definition. Since the standards are set as per the body of an adult, the adverse affects of contaminated drinking water on young kids has increased greatly in the recent times. This has made the scenario all the more horrible with younger people using contaminated water that do not satisfy drinking water standards.

When a family sets out to travel, it is important to make sure that the kind of water that they consume satisfies drinking water standards. While purchasing bottled water, this aspect needs to be taken into account as there are chances of being lured into fraudulent practices by some companies that claim to sell bottled water, but make use of bad quality substandard water in them. Thus, it is important to examine that the water that one purchases satisfies the conditions of EPA and takes into account the drinking water standards during purification and other steps.

Drinking water standards- be safe as you consume

With modernization having reached its pinnacle in the current times, life has become more complicated than it was before and the basic aspects like drinking water standards etc have decreased greatly in the recent time sowing to this rampant growth of economy. It is seen at present that in most urban areas the water that is consumed is not safe and can lead to many long term and short term ailments in people of all age groups. Thus, it is imperative for one to learn more on drinking water standards so that he keeps diseases of any kind away.

Firstly, one has to understand the point that though the water in the cities is said to be purified with materials like chlorine, they still fail to satisfy the drinking water standards for all age groups. The chlorine that is used as disinfectant in water is the root cause of all problems as it reacts with other materials in the water to cause compounds that can greatly hamper the structure of the water and make it unfit for consumption. Thus, people need to keep this aspect in mind and try to avoid the consumption of water from the tap which does not satisfy the drinking water standards.

Drinking water standards- make use of bottled water

In urban areas where the main source of water is the water supplied by tap, it is advisable to make use of the bottled water that satisfies the drinking water standards. This would avoid the undesirable scenario of the family falling sick due to any other unwanted chemicals in the water leading to long term problems in the kids. It is needless to say that kids in the family are the ones who suffer the most in the long run owing to consumption of water that does not satisfy drinking water standards.

Though the consumption of bottled water from companies that satisfy the drinking water standards seems to be a safe option on the outlook, it is said that continuous consumption of this kind of water can lead to numerous problems in the long run. Thus, with all kinds of confusion being brought about on this topic, it gets really difficult for an average person to get to decide as to what kind of water which satisfies the drinking water standards he can opt for use at home.


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