Torticollis treatment


Torticollis treatment- understanding it better

Before going into details about torticollis treatment, it would be wise for a person to get to know as to how the ailment of torticollis is different from whiplash. Learning the reason for the occurrence of torticollis in a person, would help him avoid the undesirable situations that, might lead to showing up of these problems in him. While most cases of torticollis are owing to hereditary problems within people, there are cases wherein people show such problems due to other factors too. The method of torticollis treatment adopted greatly depends on the reason as to why the person shows signs of this ailment in him.

In patients in whom, the signs of torticollis are seen right from birth, the stretching exercise can be said to be the best forms of torticollis treatment. Considerable amount of success has been achieved in treatment of kids with the stretching exercise in the first three months following their birth. If the medication methods succeed in restoring the normal position of the neck of the kid when the bones and muscles are tender, permanent solution to the problem can be arrived at, with this torticollis treatment options.

Torticollis treatment- do drugs help?

While some drugs are said to be main reason for the showing up of torticollis in a healthy person, the use of the drug, botulinum toxin injections has worked wonders in torticollis treatment. The patient is provided with great relief from the pain that the ailment causes in him and this can be said to be one of the best methods for people, who are not able to go about the stretching exercise. The torticollis treatment methods opted for are very much the same as the ones that are adopted for treatment of whiplash.

Using hot water treatment and massage of various kind based on principles of Ayurveda, have succeeded in coming up as most successful forms of torticollis treatment. However, it is a must that the patient who is getting treated for the ailment responds to the treatment and talks to the doctor about the relief that is being provided to him. This would make the prices of treatment easier, as doctors can now choose the method that provides the most comfort to patients. All in all, taking all the above mentioned aspects into consideration, one can go about the torticollis treatment to be relieved from all possible problems.

Torticollis treatment – how effective is it?

People, who do not know as to what is meant by torticollis, can refer the later sections of the article, to learn about the torticollis treatment methods that are available. One needs to understand that whiplash is a different condition as compared to torticollis. Torticollis is caused due to the twisting of the nerves on the neck more than the normal position. There are many reasons that can be attributed to the showing up of these problems in a person and they are discussed in this article.

The torticollis treatment method that is adopted depends on the reason as to why the ailment has developed in the person. In many people, it is said that this condition is caused owing to hereditary reasons. In such people, the treatment methods do not produce great difference, as the condition is difficult, to be treated. This case of torticollis is referred to as spasmodic torticollis.The twisting occurs due to many reasons and most common cases are in people who are above the age of 40. Only if the torticollis treatment is provided at the early stage, can the neck of the persons be returned to normal positioning.

Torticollis treatment – do medicines cause damage?

In addition to hereditary reasons, torticollis is also caused due to other factors and they need to be taken into account while going about torticollis treatment. The main ones among these are said to be the excess consumption of drugs for various diseases that lead to sudden strain in the muscles of the neck. Thus, the neck of the person gets twisted towards one side leading to a deformed look. In case torticollis treatment is not provided before the disease assumes dangerous forms, the spine of the person can be damaged too.

The worst scenario is when the kids need torticollis treatment. It is very difficult to make use of medicines, as side effects of various kinds can occur in the body of kids. It is under such situation that the medical experts, switch to the use of exercises that can bring about relief in the patient. There are various methods of exercises that have proven to be effective in getting rid of this problem sin the person. Physiotherapy has worked wonders for patient suffering from torticollis and has thus, been termed as one of the, most effective forms of torticollis treatment.