Autologous stem cell transplant


Autologous stem cell transplant – why is it required?

In people, who suffer from various kinds of ailments that tend to damage the structure and functioning of bone marrow in them, it is important to resort to techniques like autologous stem cell transplant that helps them get back to normal health. The term, ‘autologous stem cell transplant’, might seem to be a complicated one to the people, who are not well aware of the developments in the medical world and the detailed explanation that has been made available about this topic in the later sections of this article, can help one get a better idea about the mode of treatment.

Autologous stem cell transplant is an attempt to make sure that the stem cells in the bone marrow and in the blood, are restored to normal functioning to aid proper functioning of the body of the patient. In simple words, the process can be explained as the placing of stem cells that are healthy by the help of technique of transfusion. There are various doubts about the process of autologous stem cell transplant in the minds of people, as they fear that the blood transplant by this technique might lead to death.

Autologous stem cell transplant – who needs it the most?

Patients, who suffer from leukemia or other forms of cancer that disrupt the normal functioning of the blood cells in bone marrow need the autologous stem cell transplant, to ensure that their body returns to normal functioning. However, it would be worth noting here that, there are various aspects that need to be understood about this method of treatment before opting for it and they are as mentioned below. The whole process of autologous stem cell transplant is complicated wherein a catheter is inserted into the chest of the person, to make sure that the transfusion takes place in the best possible manner.

As the next step in autologous stem cell transplant, the patient is kept under supervision for a period of three weeks, where the response of his body to the method of treatment employed is checked and then depending on the results, the next transfusion is decided upon. It is important that during this course of time, one makes use of only healthy diet as per the recommendation of the doctor. The success rate of autologous stem cell transplant has been very high in the recent times and this can be a ray of hope for patients.

Autologous stem cell transplant – what you need to know

For people, who suffer from various ailments that tend to hamper the normal functioning of their bone marrow, the treatment option called, autologous stem cell transplant, is no less than a boon. In the recent times, the dependence of people on this technique shows the importance that it has gained. One would not be wrong in terming that, this method of treatment is the most effective one in the recent times that makes sure that the working of the bone marrow of the person is got back to normal. However, there are various aspects about autologous stem cell transplant, that one needs to know and they are talked about here.

Firstly, it is to be understood that autologous stem cell transplant, helps in transfusion of healthy stem cells into the body of the patient. The process needs to be opted for, only after the doctor checks that the condition of the body of the patient and is ensured that it is suitable for getting treated in this manner. People, who have crossed the age of 70 and suffer from other related ailments, need to consult the doctor to make sure that the method of treatment that they opt for, does not lead to problems in them. Provided one is healthy and follows a good lifestyle, getting treated with autologous stem cell transplant can produce great results in him.

Autologous stem cell transplant – learn more

People, who wonder as to what is the process involved in autologous stem cell transplant, need to understand that this process would demand them to be in supervision for a period of three weeks atleast to ensure that the treatment produces desirable results in their body. The catheter, that is inserted through their chest helps in making sure that the stem cells are added into the blood first and then they reach the bone marrow. However, during this period, samples of blood are taken out from the body of the person to check the composition of the blood and the response of the body to the autologous stem cell transplant treatment.

All in all, only when the doctors are convinced that autologous stem cell transplant has produced a change in the body of the person and the body starts producing stem cells on its own, the patient is discharged. However, one might need more than one session of autologous stem cell transplant to get the body back to normal functioning.


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