The Health Effects Of Sleep Apnea Can Be Serious. Read On To Treat It.


Sleep apnea is a good night’s sleep.Try out these tips in order to sleep better at night.

A common reason that people have sleep apnea is due to excessive weight.

TIP! Avoid relying on sleeping pills. Sleeping pills carry the risk of throat relaxation, much the same as alcohol does.

You should consider the size of your machine and volume of the device before you decide to get one. Some machines are very quiet and barely make any sounds at all. A doctor will be the most knowledgeable guide to the different CPAP machines available.

TIP! If you sleep alone, you might have a hard time determining if you suffer from sleep apnea. Try taping yourself at night to see if you do.

Lose some weight if you need to.There are many studies that sleep apnea to obesity. If you slim down, even shedding 25 pounds can provide a drastic improvement in your symptoms.

TIP! Try out a regular sleep schedule to help you through your sleep apnea. Your sleep disorder is already a sleep disrupter nightly.

Playing with some wind instrument can help get rid of your sleep apnea. Researchers from Germany have suggested that the didgeriddo can improve upper airway muscles. These particular muscles impact your airway dilation and proper breathing as we sleep.

Mouth Guard

TIP! Try nasal spray if you notice your nose is irritating you. It may offer a couple nights of relief.

Try using a custom-made mouth guard. These are made especially for sleep apnea sufferers. It provides a more comfortable alternative to using a CPAP machine. The mouth guard helps by keeping your airways open while offering stability for the soft tissues.

TIP! Consider a snoring device. Snoring occurs when airways are mostly closed up with a little air getting through, but sleep apnea occurs when the airways completely close up.

Sleep apnea sufferers often benefit from laying on your side in order to get some better sleep. Sleeping on the back makes your airway more prone to collapse. Try to fall asleep on one of your sides to see if that improves your symptoms get better.

TIP! Never sleep on your back if you experience the symptoms of sleep apnea. Most people with sleep apnea tend to snooze lying face-up, and this can cause the airways to be more susceptible to interference.

Sleeping pills are not the answer if sleep apnea.Sleeping pills can make your throat muscles and with your airway.These pills can become very dangerous if you have a bad case of sleep apnea; even though you might be tempted to use them to stay asleep, especially when tempted to try and get a good night’s sleep.

TIP! If you are afflicted with sleep apnea, then you need to give up smoking. Smoking can cause swelling in the airways, exacerbating sleep apnea.

You will record the time you go to sleep and wake up, and any other symptoms you experience. Your partner can best inform you if your sleep involves jerking limbs, quit breathing or jerk your limbs. Your doctor can use this information to determine if you suffer from sleep apnea.

Cpap Machine

TIP! Anyone who has sleep apnea, or even just snores, might want to think about picking up an instrument. This not only can help soothe your body, but it can also reduce the symptoms of sleep apnea.

If you suffer from sleep apnea and are planning a trip, always remember to bring along the CPAP machine with you. You never should go a single night without the CPAP if you have sleep apnea.You should have a padded traveling bag to bring your CPAP machine. This will help ease transporting your CPAP machine simply when not at home.

TIP! If you are prone to sleep apnea, you should try not to sleep on your back. When you sleep on your back, it often ends up blocking your airways, which in turn will cause problems with sleeping.

If you suffer from sleep apnea and must go to the hospital, bring your CPAP with you to ensure you get restful sleep. Your CPAP and your mask should be with you whether you’re admitted to the hospital or visiting the emergency room.This will make continuing your CPAP therapy while at the hospital.

Sleep Apnea

TIP! It is possible to use a mouth guard to treat some of the symptoms of sleep apnea. It is not uncommon for people to have jaw shapes that create a narrow airway.

If what you are doing at home isn’t working well enough to help your sleep apnea, you may want to take more serious measures. There are some people who cannot tolerate traditional methods of alleviating sleep apnea symptoms, such as airway enlargement and the removal of the adenoids or (if they’re still present) the tonsils.

TIP! Exercise your jaw and throat muscles. You have to work on your internal muscles and get them strong in order to deal with sleep apnea.

Losing weight will often make a big difference for patients suffering from sleep apnea’s effects. Sleep apnea is more frequent in patients who are overweight and have a large neck circumference.

Sleep Apnea

TIP! Get a fitted mouth guard to help you sleep at night. Plastic oral appliances have been proven to clear the airways and relieve snoring, which in some cases are the underlying causes of sleep apnea.

Sleep apnea can be a condition that requires treatment in order to be resolved. Some treatments will work better for people and some do not. One good way to lessen sleep apnea episodes is by losing weight, another is how you position yourself in your sleep. Some other options include CPAP machine or other devices. Some prefer surgery over any other types of sleep apnea. Choose the route which best meets your needs since getting treatment can lead to a happier and comfortable life.

You can actually reduce your sleep apnea symptoms of this affliction by practicing a few simple tongue exercises.

TIP! Wearing a mouth guard can help sleep apnea sufferers get a good night’s sleep. The mouth guard is designed to keep the jaw aligned and promote proper breathing.

You can help lessen the symptoms of sleep apnea by doing exercises which strengthen the throat stronger. Stronger muscles have more integrity and will not as likely to block your airways.

This makes it very uncomfortable to sleep while lying on your side since it makes it tough to lay on your back.

Sleep Apnea

TIP! Don’t get discouraged if you haven’t found a solution to your sleep apnea problem. Sleep apnea symptoms vary in type and severity, which means a treatment that proves effective for one person may be useless for someone else.

Remember that you aren’t always notice sleep apnea in the evening. If you have experienced symptoms like exhaustion, sleepiness, or falling asleep while driving, talk to your doctor. Your symptoms may be due to sleep apnea even if you don’t know you gasp for air every night.

TIP! You may feel sleepy all day when you suffer from sleep apnea. If sleep apnea is creating more difficulties in your life due to lack of sleep, practical treatment is necessary.

Sleep apnea can be worsened if you haven’t had enough sleep. Try to sleep on a certain schedule to reduce this. This will help you combat sleep apnea doesn’t snowball into insomnia as well.

Sleep Apnea


Sleep apnea is a condition that is very common. While your family and friends may offer support, they probably will not truly understand. Locate a group for apnea. If you aren’t someone who likes dealing with these personal issues in public, check out online forums to get support and ideas for others with sleep apnea.


Be compliant and go through with treatments. You might be tempted to not use your CPAP some nights, but unfortunately this will result in you feeling tired the next day. Follow your physician in order to increase restful sleep and daytime functioning.

A well-fitted mouth guard might be worth a try.Mouth guards fix your jaw alignment and this means easier while sleeping.


During busy times, you need plenty of energy to get through your day and meet your obligations. You shouldn’t bow down to sleep apnea or let it get in your way. These tips can definitely help you.